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Horse Milk Tourism: It’s a Thing

If you didn’t catch my last post about kumis, it means horse milk. Yes, those words do in fact go together. People do actually venture to resorts where the focus is… drinking horse milk!

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday as it completely caught me off-guard. We were in the elevator, my voice was hoarse because that’s when I was extremely ill, but still I managed to ask as many questions as I could despite my self-prescribed remedy of “no talking”. I mean, geez… this Kyrgyz guy just told me that there are entire resorts set up where the focus is drinking milk from horses. Who could be quiet?! 


8 fun facts about Kyrgyzstan

When you live in a new culture for a long enough time, you start to realize subtle cultural norms that you wouldn’t have necessary learned by reading a book about the country. I have now been in Kyrgyzstan for exactly 2 months. Here are some interesting facts about the country and its culture that I have noticed after arriving here.68845fca6967de39aa9d996b2befe3c8

Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day Holiday: Celebrating Nomad Style

Holidays are always an awesome time to travel, and Independence Day is a particularly fine festivity. No matter whether Hot Dogs and Fireworks for the 4th of July in the US or Military Parades on Bastille Day in Paris, Independence Day holidays are usually a combination of patriotism and tradition and more than a little raucous celebration. But of course, not every country can celebrate with the panache of Kyrgyzstan.

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Skiing in Kyrgyzstan; Or at least trying to learn!

One of the the reasons I was so ready to come back to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of an admittedly chilly winter was for the ample snow-sport opportunities that abound around here. While all the snow and ice and cold may not be so exciting when crunching around the slick sidewalks of Bishkek, it all pays off when I manage to get out to the mountains. 6a3ae19ce91fa8bf6c2a2fdf6ec9f315

Kyrgyz nature (video)

Video about Kyrgyz nature.  Get inspired!

Discover Truly Off the Beaten Path Travel in Kyrgyzstan


Yurt at Issyk Kul

Yurt at Issyk Kul

Discover Truly Off the Beaten Path Travel in Kyrgyzstan 

Despite its stunning, practically untouched landscapes, rich culture, low prices, and friendly locals, Kyrgyzstan is often overlooked by travelers.

Kyrgyzstan – What to See and Do!



Kyrgyzstan – What to See and Do!

Just SOME recommendations as to what Kyrgyzstan has to offer the visitor: 

Border Lands

In the summer of 2013, Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle, and Liv Sansoz traveled to the remote Tian Shan Mountains near the border of China and Kyrgyzstan. The team traveled though desert landscapes, a maze of sandstone towers, high plains and deep valleys to establish one of the must unique multi-pitch climbs in the region.

The do’s and don’ts of travel in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgystan: Central Asia, west of China and south of Kazakhstan. Dominated by the Tian Shan (Heavenly Cloud) mountainous range with verdant green gorges, tall peaks and high altitude lakes.

Through dramatically rugged mountains and fertile valleys on camel and horseback, China and the mysteries of the Orient beckoned ancient merchants and now you can experience this out-of-the-ordinary adventure. But before you saturate yourself in the Silk Road scenery of yore, here are some travel tips…

Are you inspired to get right off your beaten track, ride mountain ponies, hike trails of breathtaking scenery, stay in yurts with the mountain people and swim in alpine lakes? Kyrgyzstan ticks all these boxes and more:

Kyrgyzstan, summer 2014