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Horse Milk Tourism: It’s a Thing

If you didn’t catch my last post about kumis, it means horse milk. Yes, those words do in fact go together. People do actually venture to resorts where the focus is… drinking horse milk!

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday as it completely caught me off-guard. We were in the elevator, my voice was hoarse because that’s when I was extremely ill, but still I managed to ask as many questions as I could despite my self-prescribed remedy of “no talking”. I mean, geez… this Kyrgyz guy just told me that there are entire resorts set up where the focus is drinking milk from horses. Who could be quiet?! 


8 fun facts about Kyrgyzstan

When you live in a new culture for a long enough time, you start to realize subtle cultural norms that you wouldn’t have necessary learned by reading a book about the country. I have now been in Kyrgyzstan for exactly 2 months. Here are some interesting facts about the country and its culture that I have noticed after arriving here.68845fca6967de39aa9d996b2befe3c8

Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day Holiday: Celebrating Nomad Style

Holidays are always an awesome time to travel, and Independence Day is a particularly fine festivity. No matter whether Hot Dogs and Fireworks for the 4th of July in the US or Military Parades on Bastille Day in Paris, Independence Day holidays are usually a combination of patriotism and tradition and more than a little raucous celebration. But of course, not every country can celebrate with the panache of Kyrgyzstan.

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Kyrgyzstan – What to See and Do!



Kyrgyzstan – What to See and Do!

Just SOME recommendations as to what Kyrgyzstan has to offer the visitor: 

Kyrgyzstan, summer 2014

Would you ever go back?

Farrell’s company is going through some major changes and there’s a small but terrifying (but not end-of-the-world terrifying, and it’s a small chance, so any family emails related to this sentence will be ignored) chance that maybe Farrell could lose his job (but it’s small, probably unlikely, but you never know). This all made me think: scaled_0263

A Total Outsider’s View on Kyrgyzstan

I have never set foot in Kyrgyzstan. Actually, I am pretty sure that no-one I really know has, apart from the few people I interviewed with for the job I am about to start there (and then, I can’t say that I really know them yet). Not only should this indicate you, reader, how crazy I am (I would write “adventurous” but it just doesn’t seem right), it also underlines my utter lack of insider’s knowledge of the subject. skiing

Kyrgyzstan: Best Tourist Sights and Landscapes

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling and photography team behind Uncornered Market. They travel deep and off-beat, aiming to connect the world through people, food and adventure. Six years and 75 countries later, they are still going…and still married. 1762833560_e56fa315fe

Summit for my sister: the two faces of Kyrgyzstan

Richard Lamping explores the marble-clad capital of Kyrgyzstan as he prepares to scale Muztagh Ata in memory of his sister – who died of leukaemia last year. tn_01

World’s best traditions

Forget birthdays and anniversaries, what about these grand traditions? 681x454

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