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World’s best traditions

Forget birthdays and anniversaries, what about these grand traditions? 681x454

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13 universal truths of travel

Posted by Andy Jarosz, an universal traveller. Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.57.02 AM

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All travel, all the time, most of the time

One thing I really enjoy about Bishkek is the presence of so much nature and so many quirky trips within the Chuy Valley where the city is located. One of these cropped-IMG_4854highlights is the old Soviet-Era health resort at Issyk-Ata.

A journey in Kyrgyzstan

My journey through Kyrgyzstan began in Bishkek. It is a typically Soviet city of 4broad boulevards and grandiose (often crumbling) monuments. I was struck by one World War II memorial featuring two Kyrgyz soldiers, with an inscription in Russian on one side (there is one in Kyrgyz on the other) declaring “We were fighting for Communism”. There has been little effort to airbrush out the communist past, with one notable exception: the statue of Lenin, arm outstretched pointing to the future in one of the stock poses seen all over the former empire, has been removed from its plinth on the central Ala-Too Square (formerly Lenin Square), in front of the State Historical Museum, and replaced by the legendary national hero, Manas.

Bishkek blog: life in the Kyrgyzstan capital

Alec, from Birmingham, arrived at the London School in Bishkek and starts teaching English next week. And he’s also keeping a blog. bishkeksnow

Emerging ‘It’ Place: Kyrgyzstan – Intelligent Travel

 Emerging ‘It’ Place: Kyrgyzstan – Intelligent Travel

Landlocked, hidden behind the empty steppes of Kazakhstan and western China, and guarded by the dizzying peaks of the Tien Shan and Pamir ranges, Kyrgyzstan backs up its enigmatic reputation with formidable geography.

But lately the nation’s veil has begun to lift.


Travels in post-coup Kyrgyzstan

henzellWhere in the world is John Henzell? » Blog Archive » Travels in post-coup Kyrgyzstan

Back in 2010, John Henzell visited Kyrgyzstan – here’s an account of his visit, with photographs:

A jaunt in the Kyrgyz Republic

The misadventures of a Tefl teacher in the Switzerland of Central Asia trad band

Keen on Kyrgyzstan

My name is Dennis Keen, and I am living in Kyrgyzstan studying eagle hunting on a Fulbright Fellowship. In my spare time, I research Kyrgyz music and go on solitary adventures, jump out of airplanes and talk to strangers. Glad to have you along. imgp9010

Cat Lady in Kyrgyzstan



Cat Lady in Kyrgyzstan

I’m an American woman, I’m in my thirties, and I blog under the pseudonym of Annie Nimity. I’m a world traveler, an animal lover, English teacher, and an avid amateur photographer. I’ve traveled to fifteen countries outside of the US thus far (not nearly enough!), and of those, I’ve spent extensive time in Russia, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Costa Rica.

This blog is dedicated to my time in Kyrgyzstan. I spent ten months in Kyrgyzstan in 2008, teaching EFL at The London Schoolin Bishkek. I returned to Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2013 for the purpose of teaching EFL in the small villages of Toguz Bulak and Bar Bulak, a volunteering gig arranged through the London School