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Kyrgyzstan. Photos by Matthieu Paley

Kyrgyz women during a wedding celebration in the Afghan Pamir – camp of Kitshiq Aq Jyrga…Trekking through the high altitude plateau of the Little Pamir mountains (average 4200 meters) , where the Afghan Kyrgyz community live all year, on the borders of China, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Fresh Guides Ep. 1: Heliboarding Kyrgyzstan

There once was an old man, who sat lonely in a bar drinking vodka. He mumbled endlessly about a long lost land with uncharted terrain, near the old Silk Road. High and mighty, these peaks were rumoured to hold some epic powder stashes, frozen in time since the breakup of the USSR. We went in search of this forgotten place, and what we found was somthing we will never forget…We present the first installment in the Fresh Guides series: Heliboarding Kyrgyzstan – See more at:

The lakes of Kyrgyzstan.

Men’sHealth‘s Ed Vanstone explores Central Asia’s little-visited mountain kingdom.

Beneath the scrum of sinewy horses and their teenage riders, it is just possible to make out a decapitated goat. This is the ball. The rules of the game being played are easier to discern. There is just one. To score, hoist the carcass onto your horse, then drop it within the goal area – the ‘circle of justice’. Other than that, anything goes. dandys

Traveling through Kyrgyzstan

Would you ever go back?

Farrell’s company is going through some major changes and there’s a small but terrifying (but not end-of-the-world terrifying, and it’s a small chance, so any family emails related to this sentence will be ignored) chance that maybe Farrell could lose his job (but it’s small, probably unlikely, but you never know). This all made me think: scaled_0263

Roger and Luisa’s Travel Blog: Karakol Valley, Lake Ala Kul and Altyn-Arashan

 Roger and Luisa’s Travel Blog: Karakol Valley, Lake Ala Kul and Altyn-Arashan

Karakol is a popular base for trekking, well equipped with trekking and guiding companies.  But overall it was less touristy than expected.


Kyrgyzstan: Genghis Khan, Mountains and Mutton

I often still find it strange that I can tell people I spent 2 months living in Kyrgyzstan. I am sure listeners conjure up images of something like Genghis Khan’s horde or a land ripe with civil war. Though there are times when I felt like a nomad or in potential danger, Kyrgyzstan is not a dangerous place. Actually it is a peaceful one with green hills, kind people and about 1000 different kinds of mutton. MSoncina-Kyrgyzstan

Skiing in Kyrgyzstan; Well… trying to learn! by MonkBoughtLunch


Learning to ski ... in Kyrgyzstan

Learning to ski … in Kyrgyzstan

Skiing in Kyrgyzstan; Well… trying to learn!MonkBoughtLunch

One person’s brief account of learning to ski … in Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyzstan 2013 | ParaKros

hang glidingKyrgyzstan 2013 | ParaKros

An account of hang gliding in Kyrgyzstan.

Heli-ski Kyrgyzstan’s most remote regions

Lift lines and crowded slopes become a distant memory when you land atop the untamed, snowcapped, 4,500m-high Terskey Ala-Too range in northeastern Kyrgyzstan.

Specialising in mountain expeditions throughout Central Asia, K2 Adventures uses a private helicopter to transport daring skiers and snowboarders to the untouched terrain, limiting trips to a few small groups each year. puma043

The area does not have typical skiing facilities, so the backcountry runs tend to stay unpacked and powdery. On a good weather day (temperatures vary from about -10C to -3C), skiers can expect to make about six trips down the mountain, descending about 800 to 1,200m depending on the route.