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An article on the website of the Travel There Next TV Channel:

Everyday Facts: Kyrgyzstan

Everyday Facts: Kyrgyzstan

Just a few “everyday facts” about Kyrgyzstan …

Trip report – Ski Touring in Kyrgyzstan

vimeo ski Trip report – Ski Touring in Kyrgyzstan

The title says it all … a short video report on a ski trip to Kyrgyzstan:


So much to discover!

New video about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan…Bishkek | midliferadventure

midlife adventuresKyrgyzstan…Bishkek | midliferadventure

Jill and Richard decided to become international nomads and this is the Kyrgyzstan entry in their blog recording their experiences:

Incredible Kyrgyzstan | William Boadle

 Incredible Kyrgyzstan | William Boadle


Some photographs taken in Kyrgyzstan taken on a trip along the Great Silk Road  


From Kashgar to Irkeshtam, at the border with Kyrgyzstan

It’s been over 2 months since I last wrote about my on-going bike trip. I am now back in China for the October Holiday after visiting Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in August and September. It was hard to get on line in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan and then I was with my parents in Kyrgyzstan and wanted to take advantage of every minute with them so I didn’t spend much time on line (Sorry Becky!). Lots of things have happened since the end of July when I was in Kashgar. I am going to try to retrace my steps and share my impressions on 2 beautiful months across Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.  P5132968-1024x768-2

Киргизия: едем горными дорогами к границе с Китаем

Итак, наш путь лежит в город Ош, второй по численности населения в Киргизии, хотя народу здесь живет не так уж и много — чуть более 230 000 человек. В Оше к нам должны присоединиться еще двое путешественников из Новосибирска.

Пока есть возможность, загоняем машины на местную станцию техобслуживания — проверить. Механик долго разглядывает нас, а потом заявляет: «Видель тосно такие же машина по телевизору, они вокруг Байкала ехать». Оказалось, что смотрел по ТВ передачу о предыдущей нашей экспедиции. Пока машины осматривают, мы снимаем гостиницу — весьма, кстати, неплохую, тут есть, например, бассейн. 674bb7d001dbbf1b1daad94def5662c1_watermarked

Читать всё:

Central Asia Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

We are Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, a husband-and-wife storytelling team. Over twelve years ago we began with a one-way ticket and an insatiable curiosity about the world and its people. More than 80 countries later, we are still going…and still married.

Deserts and dictators. Yurts and nomads. Silk Road cities, staggering yet underrated mountain ranges, Soviet detritus, and one of the world’s greatest road trips. "The Long Walk Home"

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan travel photo highlights. Fountains, young musicians, friendly vendors, and markets mark Kyrgyzstan’s capital city.

Read more about their visit to Bishkek and the rest of Kyrgyzstan on their blog.