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Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day Holiday: Celebrating Nomad Style

Holidays are always an awesome time to travel, and Independence Day is a particularly fine festivity. No matter whether Hot Dogs and Fireworks for the 4th of July in the US or Military Parades on Bastille Day in Paris, Independence Day holidays are usually a combination of patriotism and tradition and more than a little raucous celebration. But of course, not every country can celebrate with the panache of Kyrgyzstan.

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I Was a Wedding Photographer in Kyrgyzstan

After 4.5 months of pedaling my bike, I arrived at my destination of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Towards the end of my stay, there was an even bigger social gathering that would bring us together: a wedding! Aibek, the Kyrgyz roommate, was set to be the best man, and everyone was invited. It was the day before the wedding and they still didn’t have a photographer. Go figure! Aibek saw my digital SLR and asked me if I knew how to use it. I surely do.


Skiing in Kyrgyzstan; Or at least trying to learn!

One of the the reasons I was so ready to come back to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of an admittedly chilly winter was for the ample snow-sport opportunities that abound around here. While all the snow and ice and cold may not be so exciting when crunching around the slick sidewalks of Bishkek, it all pays off when I manage to get out to the mountains. 6a3ae19ce91fa8bf6c2a2fdf6ec9f315