About the site

This is an information service provided by the Celestial Mountains Tour Company, (CMTC) as a “gateway” to sites with information about life in and travel to Kyrgyzstan.

Our aim is that the site will present surfers with links to “Traveller’s Tales”, (accounts of travellers’ visits to Kyrgyzstan, their experiences, impressions and opinions), as well as some general articles about Kyrgyzstan and sites that contain general background information for people who are interested in visiting, the country.  It is NOT:

  • about Kyrgyzstan in the news … although there are links to articles with news and analysis from newspapers and other media are featured, they are background information;
  • a Market Place or Business Directory … we are not selling anything through the site;
  • an advertising site – no-one has paid for an entry on the site.

Also, although many of them have interesting posts, because their focus is not about Kyrgyzstan or travel to Kyrgyzstan, we have not included blogs by:

  • couples adopting children from Kyrgyzstan
  • missionaries

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