Celestial Mountains

There are two companies: The Celestial Mountains Tour Company and the Celestial Mountains Guest House (Naryn). Both Were established in 1997 and registered under Kyrgyz law as Kyrgyz companies.  Although they are, actually, two separate companies – they had the Same three investors.  One came to Kyrgyzstan at about the time of Independence and immediately fell in love with the country, its people and culture. He has since married a Kyrgyz woman, started a family and is now living in Australia. The second is based in the UK . The third originally came to Bishkek to help to open an office – and just stayed.  He is now based in Bishkek and runs the two companies.

The tour company is based in the capital, Bishkek, and was established to offer tours and other services to travellers.  The tours would cover the regions of Kyrgyzstan and throughout the region of Central Asia. At first, the company chose to specialize in motor tours .

As part of their strategy, a number of hotels and guesthouses were planned throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, offering comfortable accommodation equipped to Western style and standards.  The original plan was to establish tour itineraries travelling between them, and exploring the areas around them.  However, events developed somewhat differently and hence these plans have yet to be fully implemented.

The guesthouse in Naryn was the first of these guesthouses.  Naryn was chosen as the site for the first investment because it has an important place on the road to the Torugart Pass – the only the border crossing to China at that time available for passenger traffic.  A block of four apartments was purchased and converted into a small guesthouse with 12 Guest Rooms, clean and modern western style toilets and showers.  In Summer a number of yurts are also provided.  Although it was originally intended to offer accommodation for tourists travelling to, or from, Torugart – a growing number of travellers are spending more time in the Naryn region visiting places like Ece Naryn, Salkyntor, Tash Rabat, At Bashi, Son Kul, and Kochkor, and guests have also included a large number of businessmen and visiting dignitaries.

Drawing upon our experiences in Naryn we then planned and built a new hotel in the centre of Bishkek – The Silk Road Lodge – which opened in August 2000. It quickly established itself as a small, friendly, hotel – popular with tourists, businessmen, consultants and visiting dignitaries alike.

Although they are separate companies with different staffs, they cooperate closely with each other and seek to maintain the same commitment to levels of service.

Ian Claytor serves as the General Director of both companies, and although the different companies have different staffs – they cooperate closely with each other and seek to maintain the same commitment to levels of service.