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Kyrgyz nature (video)

Video about Kyrgyz nature.  Get inspired!


Kyrgyzstan – so much to discover!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJvbULdcazM ead16f5822d22c1c175f3b3a5716d4fb

Kyrgyzstan TimeLapse (CityLab Production)

Last summer guys traveled around Kyrgyzstan. They made a very beautiful video about their journey.


The best of Kyrgyzstan

You know how people always ask which, of all the countries you have visited, is your absolute favourite? I have now travelled in 50 countries but for me the answer is easy – Kyrgyzstan.  P5132968-1024x768


Kyrgyzstan: things to see and do

Sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is blessed with gorgeous mountain scenery almost everywhere you look. The fact that the country is so little known is mostly down to its isolation and a lack of awareness of its very existence – Kyrgyzstan has only been a country in its own right for two decades or so.

Kyrgyzstan’s landscapes are surprisingly varied, with snow-capped peaks, pine forests and glaciers giving way to open plains and gleaming blue mountain lakes. In places the country really does look Switzerland, whilst elsewhere it can remind one of Scotland, Kashmir and even the Middle East. The mountain vistas alone are reason enough to visit – a visit to Kyrgyzstan would be wasted without trekking to at least one of them and, as there so many locations to chose from, trekking can be done virtually anywhere in the country.



Wildlife of Kyrgyzstan.

Wildlife of Kyrgyzstan.

In English, Russian and German:

The web page “wildlife.kg” gives an overview about the actual vertebrate fauna of Kyrgyzstan – state April, 2010. Basis of the present systematic check-list are more than ten-years field work as well as intensive search of the available literature. The animals are filed according to their systematic allocation in the classes (pages). While clicking in the upper column , a systematic list of all Kyrgyz animals, belongs to the group, appears together with small photos on the right side. Every photo is standing for a “specie page” to which you come by clicking the name or the photo. On the “specie page” you’ll find additional information about biology & distribution in KG as well as more & better photos, where we have.


Snow Leopard Survival Chances Melting Away Along With Glaciers

Snow Leopard Survival Chances Melting Away Along With Glaciers

The 8,400 square kilometers of Kyrgyzstan’s glaciers, which account four per cent of the country’s territory, are now receding at a rate more than three times as fast as in the 1950s, the Institute of Hydro Energy at the National Academy of Sciences in Bishkek stated.


Asia’s glaciers in retreat, could signal crop failure and flooding in the future

Asia’s glaciers in retreat, could signal crop failure and flooding in the future

Asia’s glaciers are retreating, which could mean drought, plus crop losses upstream and flood conditions downstream for millions of people


Plants Genetic Resources in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Plants Genetic Resources in the Caucasus and Central Asia

In Central Asia lies a wonderful mountainous land crossed with thick mountain ridges of the Tien Shan and Pamirs -Alai – a country of Kyrgyzstan. The country of strinking contrasts… the land of powerful mountains covered with eternal snow and alpine meadows with placers of flowers; impetuous rivers bordered with cliffs and foamy waterfalls; and steppes with the smell of wormwood – it is a land of blue lakes and green valleys. The pearls of Central Asia the emerald-blue Issyk-Kul Alpine lake competing in its beauty with the lakes of Switzerland. A richness of relief forms, abundance of mountain lakes and cascades, walnut and fruit-tree forests, alpine meadows and glaciers, existence of the Issyk-Kul, exclusively favorable resort and climate resources, historic, architectural places for sightseeing, originality of a traditional material culture of Kyrgyz people, variety and wealth of the Kyrgyz folk-lore make Kyrgyzstan attractive for people all over the world.


Endangered snow leopard clawing its way back

Endangered snow leopard clawing its way back

Innovative conservation project in Pakistan sees a slow but sure rise in the number of the endangered big cats – For more than 10 years, Shafqat Hussain has been on the trail of the endangered snow leopard. He has heard the beast’s growl, and has seen its pugmarks against a snowy track. But his dream, of coming eye-to-eye with the elusive nocturnal feline, remains unfulfilled. “If you’ve seen the cat, you’ve seen the Holy Grail,” says Hussain